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Here at Billboard Tarps, we specialize in providing high quality new PVC pond liners at the best prices around. No one beats our prices! From koi ponds to viewing ponds, stock ponds to huge containment ponds, we do it all. Check out the many benefits of our PVC vinyl pond liners:

  • 20 oz. weight, 22 mil thick PVC vinyl, available in black or white
  • Custom and large sizes available HERE
  • Fish/plant safe and easier to install than EPDM rubber
  • UV protected, durable, flexible and long-lasting
  • Easy to trim without fraying or glue with HH-66 vinyl cement
  • Large sizes also available in 15 mil thick PVC vinyl
  • Highest quality at the lowest prices!

Vinyl Pond Liner Uses

Made to fit your project and your budget

Building a pond often requires more than simply digging a hole and filling it with water. Sand, gravel, and shale act as a natural drain, so any water added to your pond can end up seeping back into the ground. A heavy-duty PVC vinyl pond liner will retain water and keep your pond in top condition.

While pond liners are primarily used to hold water, they also offer other benefits. For example, vinyl pond liners create a barrier that prevents potentially harmful micro-organisms in the soil from sneaking into your pond. They also guard against stones and plant growth, keeping your water clean and pond well-maintained.

Additionally, cheap plastic sheeting can puncture easily and break down over time, becoming toxic to fish and plants. A quality PVC pond liner will last for many years, maintaining a safe environment for growth.

Vinyl pond liners can also be trimmed with very little fraying or attached or altered with the use of HH-66 vinyl cement. This adhesive creates a permanent chemical weld and can even be applied in wet conditions. With the use of vinyl liners and this adhesive, any size or shape is possible.

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  • Looking for Bulk/Export?

    Billboard Tarps can fill both 20 ft. and 40 ft. containers

    Looking for a large quantity of vinyl material at the lowest price available? Billboard Tarps is your destination. We offer unbeatable discount deals on bulk vinyl and other materials, whether by the pallet load, truckload or container.

  • Need it by the roll?

    Brand new rolls of high quality PVC vinyl material

    Our new vinyl rolls are UV protected, waterproof, anti-tear, anti-mildew and fish/plant safe. It is 3-ply with a poly mesh interior between two layers of vinyl.

  • Need a custom or large size?

    If we don’t have it in stock, we’ll make it for you

    We make custom sized tarps. Use our online form to request a quote. Our turnaround is among the fastest in the industry. Custom orders include the ability to add grommets or pipe sleeves/pockets. Like all of our products, custom orders are produced on-site at our facility in St. Paul, MN.

  • Need a save a few bucks?

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